Rewards Program

Earn Leaves points that you can redeem for exclusive discounts and perks.


What is the ATTITUDE loyalty program?

This is free rewards program that lets you earn Leaves points on all your product purchases, social media follows and shares and your birthday! You can then redeem these Leaves for rewards, discounts, and ATTITUDE products.


Spend $1 to earn 1 Leaf point

Where to start? It’s simple, activate your account and follow the instructions to start spending and earning.

Rewards program

As Leaves have an important place at ATTITUDE, we decided to make you earn Leaves points instead of points only! 1$ spend = 1 Leave point. Note that sales tax, shipping & coupon do not qualify for earning Leaves points.

Check out our earning Leaves points section to get more information about how to earn Leaves points.

The ATTITUDE loyalty program is free rewards program that lets you earn Leaves points on all your product purchases, social media follows and shares and your birthday! You can then redeem these Leaves points for rewards, discounts, and ATTITUDE products.

You need to register in your account to earn Leaves points when doing an action. Please note that it may take up to 96 hours for your point balance to adjust. If your balance still doesn't look right after this time, please contact our team at and they will help you!

To receive Leaves points when you leave a product review, you must:

1- Have already purchased on our website

2- Clicked on "Write a review" in the widget on the site (image below) or you should have received an email asking you to review a product.

Also note that you can get rewarded for a maximum of 10 reviews. After that, you can always leave us some but you won't earn any extra points.

review points FAQ

There is no expiring date. You can enjoy your Leaves points as long as you wish!

At this time you can only earn and redeem Leaves points only on our website

When items are refunded, your Leaves points balance will be deducted from the amount.

Please reset your password by selecting the "Forgot Password". If you're still having issues, please contact us at

Once Leaves points are awarded they can be used immediately!

There is a one-month blackout period after signing up for a new account. Therefore, note that if you set up your birthday date within the first month of your account creation, you will not receive any point for this action. This is to prevent any potential abuse of the rewards program.

As the person making the referral (“referrer”), you must be an existing ATTITUDE customer on the website: and as the person being referred , you must not have already placed an order on our website: . Once the referrer has the email address of his/her friends, the referee will automatically receive the "gift". The referrer will receive its earning (Leaves points) 24h after the referee's first purchase.

While the Refer-a-Friend Program is running, you can earn up to 5 referral rewards per calendar year, beginning with the date you were issued your reward.

No because our promotions are not cumulative. Only one of the two promotions is applicable to the basket during the same order.

All products added to the shopping cart after payment are not counted in the loyalty program; only the products initially in your shopping cart are included in the program. It is therefore normal that your points balance reflects the amount of your initial order and not your total order.

1. Using the top right icon (figure) of our website, connect to your account.

2. Insert your information to log in to your accountClick on the rewards icon as seen below:

exchange points FAQ

3. Click on exchange points. See image below:

exchange points FAQ 2

4. You'll see what you can exchange.

5. Click on what you'd like to exchange.

6. You'll then get a code to use for your next order.

7. When you reach the checkout, click on "add a code or gift card". You'll be able to copy it here to get your promotion.

You can leave as many reviews as you'd like! However, note that only the first 10 ones will be compensated with Leaves points.